We offer small class sizes, indoor play space when there's inclement weather, and special monthly classes.  Our special visitors include a librarian from the Thomasville library, the Creature Teacher who brings a real live animal to share, chapel time with our pastors, special music with Pastor Stephen and health lessons with Mrs. Lynn.

Thank you for your interest in Footsteps Preschool.  We consider it a privilege to offer you and your child this opportunity to learn about Jesus and the importance of walking in His "footsteps" while preparing for Kindergarten.  We hope to be a vital part of your child's spiritual developments as well as an important building block for their education.

About Us

Will your child be ready for Kindergarten?  They can begin as early as 15 months through 5 years old.  We will love & nurture your child while teaching them what they need to know to be successful in Kindergarten.